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Functional Wellness Counseling

Dr. Jarod Ward offers two forms of functional wellness counseling. The first relies on blood laboratory tests, DUTCH hormone panels, heavy metal tests, environmental toxins tests, and Gut Zoomer interpretations. Whether you are experiencing hormonal issues, digestive complaints, infertility, or any other chronic issue, laboratory testing is one of the best objective measures within Western medicine. 

With each test completed, a comprehensive and personalized functional wellness plan is made and presented to you in order that you can achieve the best results. All laboratory appointments are done virtually. Please book here for this appointment.

Neurological Nutrition Consulting

Dr. Jarod Ward offers a Neurological Nutrition Consult, where he uses a combination of Nutrition Response Technique and Morphogenic Field Techniques to analyze the brain and body’s priorities of healing and sensitivity to environmental triggers. This appointment can be booked virtually or in person. 

This is a more sensitive testing, often detecting the hidden root cause of chronic conditions before they appear on laboratory tests. It also provides direction for how to repair your stressed organs and systems. Dr. Jarod Ward’s patients describe it as “wizardry, but incredibly effective.” Dr. Jarod Ward has seen success with skin conditions, digestive issues, hormonal issues, sleep issues, viral and bacterial infections, parasitic infections, allergic reactions, and more, solely using this technique.